October 3, 2023 10:11 AM

Ernest Hamilton

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    How Hotels Are Using Tech to Provide Better Service

    The days of having to ring a bell to get assistance in a hotel have long passed. Rapid advancements in technology have streamlined the way that professional hospitality providers are taking care of their clientele. Technology has developed that decreases the amount of busywork required for each employee while also further guaranteeing customer satisfaction. As the concierge tech market expands and advancements are made exponentially, we can expect to see hospitality technology begin to increase workplace responsibility. Let's examine some of the current functions that hospitality tech is already fulfilling.

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    Fight Fatigue And Explore Your City

    We're all fatigued right now from living with the pandemic's impact on our daily lives and adjusting to our new normal (whatever that is). We're tired of being stuck at home, endless zoom calls, helping our kids get organized and assist with remote learning, as well as having to juggle all of that with our jobs. It can feel all too much at times.

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    Sustainability And Travel During A Pandemic

    As soon as the Pandemic has eased its grip on the world, getting out, seeing the world, experiencing the different cultures is one thing to look forward to. It's best to dream now and travel later, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to plan. Just understand that any plan you make will need to be flexible and adaptive.

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    Travel Safety During a Pandemic: What To Do Before, During, And After Vacation

    On the surface, a vacation may seem like nothing more than a luxury or leisure activity that you indulge in on occasion. However, a vacation has proven to be a therapeutic and essential practice for individuals, couples, friends, and families in reality. It's an opportunity to see and explore new things as you take a break from the various stresses of everyday life and bond. When you look at it that way, taking a vacation is a must.

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    7 Cities Known for Incredible Architecture

    From historical buildings to modern parks and shopping malls, the world's best cities are home to some of the best architectural masterpieces. Some of the cities have maintained their appearance over the decades while others have changed their skylines significantly. For instance, the emergence of skyscrapers in Dubai has turned it into a completely different city from what it used to be several decades ago. Here is a look at the top seven cities in the world.

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    Planning a Perfect, Yet Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding

    If you're like most engaged couples, you have probably been spending a lot of time researching the various ways to host a wedding ceremony and reception. You might be asking yourself questions like, "what type of wedding do I want to have?" "Do I want to get married in a luxurious reception hall in the middle of Cancun or in my parents' backyard?" "Should I have a small intimate ceremony at the courthouse or a guest list of 1,000 of my closest friends?"

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    Insurance for Travelers: How to Cover the Basics

    If nothing else, the COVID19 pandemic taught travelers a very important lesson. When it comes to traveling for business or pleasure, it can get really expensive to take things for granted.

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    Here Are Some Activities You Should Book Now for When the Pandemic Has Passed

    Have you heard the good news? The coronavirus has met its match and is on the verge of losing the life and death battle to human ingenuity. A vaccine is on the way - not just one, but two, and possibly more. Early tests are showing as much as a 95% effective rate, eliminating 100% of serious infections.

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    Staycations: The Perfect Getaway During The Pandemic

    If vacationing wasn't a priority on your list before, the pandemic likely caused you to change your tune. After months of dealing with chaos and uncertainty, who wouldn't want to regroup, unwind, and enjoy a change of scenery. Though the nation isn't out of the woods yet, a staycation could be just the pick-me-up you need. It's a chance to get out of the house and immerse yourself in some much-needed self-care.

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    5 Tips for Planning a Hassle-Free Camping Trip

    Camping is a great way to travel. Campers get to know a location in great detail. If you plan to hit the road soon, you'll want to get all those little details in place before you leave. Everything should be in order. You'll want to know your general itinerary as well as what you need on your way there. Planning well means getting in touch with each destination before you arrive. It also means knowing what you want to bring and what you leave home. Everyone coming with you should be on the same page as you get a chance to travel.

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    Winter Fashion Tips for Moms

    Winter may seem like a difficult time to be fashionable because of the low temperatures and cold breezes. While you have to cover up to stay warm, there are plenty of ways to look stylish in the winter. Here is some winter fashion advice for moms.

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    6 of the Best Luxury Travel Bags for Moms

    Owning the best travel bag makes traveling convenient and enjoyable. Luxury travel bags also are fashion items that will show off your fashion sense. But then, finding a spacious and convenient bag from the long list of available choices can be daunting. In this article, we review the top 6 best luxury travel bags every woman may consider. Let's dive into it.

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    Want to Be a Mom with Glowing Skin? Try These Tips

    Ask anyone what the two things that take the most out of your skin are and they're going to tell you two of your favorite things: (A) Being a mom, and (B) Traveling. Both of those activities, while being amazing and fulfilling, bring stress, sleep deprivation, and (sometimes) bad diet choices. And flying when you travel? Flying dehydrates your skin, cranks up oil production, and even inflames acne. It has to do with all that recycled air and low humidity inside the plane.

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    The 7 Best Places in America to Buy a Vacation Home

    If searching for the best locations to buy a vacation home, perhaps, the best advice for buying a vacation home is to start visiting real estate offices in the towns where you like to spend your away time. Great buys on prime properties may await if you take the time to investigate the cities you love to visit. Here's our list of seven of the best types of vacation homes money can buy.

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    Skincare Products You Should Always Travel With

    Vacations seem like the perfect time to throw caution and routine the wind. While this may be true in some instances, neglecting your skincare routine could prove disastrous. Imagine lounging in the sun at the beach only to return to your hotel room with beet-red skin from sunburn. What happens when all those selfies expose those dark circles, dry patches, or pimples all over your face? Chances are you'll be a bit hesitant to post your photos on social media.

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