People go to Maui County for one purpose in particular - to spend lazy days at the stunning beaches. If you're looking for an idyllic vacation, there's nowhere better to go. You don't even have to settle for one type of beauty. Different beaches have different charms and will titillate all of your senses.

However, if you're like me, you'll eventually get a little bored of lying around. I'm not very good at relaxing, and while I always end up feeling burnt out after some hard months at work, I rejuvenate fairly quickly.

That doesn't mean you should avoid Maui County. On the contrary, you can rent out one of those luxury villas in Maui County and use it as your base for quite an adventurous trip.

Here are 5 awesome things to do in Maui County.

Go to the Old Lahaina Luau

Since you're going to Maui County, there's no way you're not going to a luau. For those unsure of exactly what a Luau is, it's a traditional Hawaiian feast, complete with a firepit, delicious food, and entertainment. Hopefully, you love a spit-roasted pig, or a good old poke if you are vegetarian.

Entertainment consists of hula to the sounds of traditional Hawaiian music. Old Lahaina Luau is special because of just how traditional it is. It hasn't become too touristy, and spaces are limited, so book ahead.

Watch the sunrise from Haleakala Crater

Haleakala Crater is a dormant volcano and one of the best places in the world to watch the sunrise. This is the spot where, according to Hawaiian legend, the demigod Maui lassoed the sun. Get up early in the morning so that you can get there in time, then spend your extra hours doing some hikes in the area. You'll come across beautiful trails, waterfalls, and pools.

Road trip to Hana

The drive to Hana is only 53 miles long, but it has some of the most exciting stops along the way. There are, of course, stunning waterfalls, beaches, and hiking trails. You can easily spend a whole day making your way down the road. In fact, a day's not enough if you want to truly experience everything this trip has to offer. There are also some great restaurants and food stops to keep you going if you didn't pack your own lunch.

Visit the Nakalele Blowhole

The Nakalele Blowhole is a remarkable sight. It is exactly as it sounds, and will blow you away. Literally. It is so powerful that it is dangerous to get too close, so don't ignore the warnings!

Bask in the Seven Sacred Pools

The Pools of Oheo are paradise on Earth. They are a set of pools connected by waterfalls, which you can navigate with ease. At some point, you will be frozen by the sudden recognition of just where you are. You'll look around at the sparkling waters, cascading waterfalls, and the greenery surrounding it all, and will feel the joy of knowing you've experienced true bliss!