Living as a digital nomad is definitely something that quite a lot of people desire. What's there not to like? You work online, your laptop in front of you, from literally any place with an Internet connection. You can travel the world and see all the wonderful places it has to offer while earning money round the clock.

It's an absolute dream come true. If you're working remotely, you should seriously think about taking this journey of a lifetime. Perhaps you're already on it. Perhaps you're thinking about starting your own business and running it remotely.

Whichever the case, you certainly have some concerns about that kind of life. One of them may be phone call limitations. Phone calls while abroad may cost you a small fortune, but they're necessary for your business.

Here are the perfect solutions for seamlessly handling all your communication on the road.

Acquiring a Virtual Phone Number

Getting a virtual phone number will help you seamlessly communicate with colleagues, customers, business partners, and your friends and family, no matter where you are on the planet.

How is it different than your regular phone number? It's completely toll-free for all local, long-distance, and international calls.

You can get a virtual phone number, which can be either a new number or the one you wish to transfer. All you need to do is sign up for an account and pick your number.

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations, make conference calls, record your calls, and send toll-free text messages and fax files from any Internet-enabled device you want.

Ensuring You're Covered During Events

There's definitely no room for "all work and no play" in the life of a business nomad. After all, you are traveling the world, and that comes with an infinite number of possibilities.

Taking the time to relax and recharge your batteries should be among your top priorities. This is why you should regularly look for wellness travel experiences. One of the best sources to find them is Zing Events.

The Zing Events site wellness retreat possibilities are something you don't want to miss. Zing is actually a listing of wellness travel experiences all around the planet.

Simply leave your name and email address, and the site will notify you about new wellness retreats and workshops, festivals, cool weekends, teacher training, and conferences - whatever you're interested in.

Getting a Local SIM Card

Local prepaid SIM cards can often be life-savers when traveling. However, it can take several days to get one, as all the paperwork takes time to be processed.

This is why not many people choose to go down this path. But there are providers who can make the process quick and easy, and instantly provide you with your local prepaid SIM card.

For instance, if you plan on traveling to India and want to get a local SIM card, search for Sim Raj before your trip. Otherwise, you may have to wait up to six days to get the card.

With Sim Raj, you can get an Indian sim card for foreigners right there at the airport. You only need to order it online beforehand to get the paperwork ready, and the providers will install it for you on-site.

You'll get unlimited incoming international calls, unlimited outgoing local calls, 100 text messages, 1GB of data per day, and 20 minutes to call landlines back home - with zero roaming charges.

Skype and Other Instant Messaging Options

Seamless communication is crucial when you're a business nomad. You need to regularly interact with colleagues and clients, which can be challenging when you're in different time zones.

This is why it's absolutely vital that you use Skype and various other instant messaging apps. They will make your life incredibly easier, as you'll never miss a piece of important information about your business, nor will your clients and co-workers have trouble reaching you anytime and anywhere.

The best part about instant messaging apps, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber, is that they are entirely free. All that they require is an Internet connection.


Email correspondence is also crucial for your business. Although instant messaging apps are becoming more and more sophisticated, with features for attaching various files, email is still the preferred communication channel for a great number of people.

More importantly, it's essential when communicating with clients. It shows professionalism, which isn't something you'll showcase if you use messaging apps to interact with them. Therefore, make sure you set up a business email account.


Handling all your business communications on the road is much easier than you may have imagined. With all these tips, your life as a business nomad will get a whole new perspective, and you'll finally start enjoying it to the fullest.