These days, outdoor events are more common than indoor events. Canopy tents are excellent when it comes to outdoor events. That is because they are highly portable and can be used in any event. Canopy tents come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.  So you can basically get any type that suits your needs. 

Canopy tents are easy to set up, and they are customizable. If you want to ensure that your guests are comfortable and are protected against harsh weather conditions, it is critical for you to choose the right canopy. You can get a cool custom canopy at an amazing price. 

The following are some of the things that you should look for when choosing an outdoor canopy tent.

1. Portable canopy Vs. Semi-permanent canopy

Semi-permanent canopies are more durable, larger in size, and so they can offer outstanding comfort to your family or guests. However, these kinds of canopies are heavier, and so they are not easily transportable. Portable canopies are usually designed with lightweight materials making them highly portable.  

 Portable canopies are the best options for families who like outdoor activities. So for you to choose the right canopy, whether portable or semi-permanent, you should ask yourself questions such as do you go for picnics frequently? Will you be moving the canopy's location often, or are you looking for a canopy that can withstand the harsh weather conditions?

2. Design

You should consider the design of the canopy when you are purchasing the canopy. The design of the canopy can determine the kind of event you are holding. The way a canopy is customized can tell you the kind of event that can be held in it. For instance, a canopy that is hosting sports ought to have some details of the sport so that you can tell that it is a sports canopy just by looking at it.

You should be able to choose the design of the canopy depending on your event needs. Apart from making your guests feel safer in the canopy, you should also give them the idea of what the event is all about so that they can figure out the kind of event that is taking place. 

3. Size

Most of the canopy tents come with four legs and overhead cover. However, their sizes vary. You should first consider your needs before you choose a canopy tent. The standard sizes include 10'x10' and 12'x12'. But there are also smaller sizes available in the market. 

When choosing a canopy tent for your guests, you should consider the number of guests that you are expecting at the event.  Again, remember to think about the walk-in height of the canopy tent. If you have taller guests or family members, then you should ensure that you choose the right size so that they won't have to whack their foreheads every time they step in or out.   

4. Materials 

The materials used to make the canopy and frame of the tent vary. However, the common materials used to make the frames include aluminum and steel. Steel is quite stronger and heavier, making it perfect for windy conditions. Since steel can corrode, most of the new models come up with a powder coat to avoid rusting. 

Aluminum, on the other hand, is lighter and easy to install, but it can bend easily more than the steel.  The canopy is usually made of water-resistant polyester. They can come in different thicknesses, and that can have an effect on its durability and ability to withstand water. So basically the higher the thickness levels, the more durable it is.

5. The weather condition

When choosing a canopy tent, you should consider the current weather condition. You can either choose a canopy tent with walls or one that has o walls. Canopy tent with no wall is easy to set up and manage. That's why most people prefer canopies without walls. If the weather condition is a bit harsh, canopies with walls will be ideal. They can keep your family or guests protected. The weather condition may also determine whether you choose an open canopy or a closed canopy. If the weather is rainy and windy, then it is advisable to choose a closed canopy that will keep you warm and protected.