The colour purple - paying homage to the iconic book, the colour purple is a popular choice this year for every accessory you can think of. It is true- purple shoes have been spotted all around town, from thigh grazing boots to bright purple sneakers. You might think that the colour limits your wardrobe but you'd be surprised at how versatile it is. It goes with everything- from your cream pantsuit to your severe navy blue skirt. 

Massive bags - bags are in, always. And extra-large bags are great to carry everything with you, wherever you want to go. Don't think that large bags don't look stylish. They come in all shapes and sizes and fabrics and can go well with anything you choose to wear. 

Snakeskin - it makes sense to see snakeskin on the list- prints have been a huge part of fashion this year. Snakeskin is a strong print, so better not to pair them with leather and strong prints. Think lace and ruffles, long free-flowing coats and dresses and snakeskin boots. This contrast makes for an edgy and interesting look.

Pearls - fashion accessories using pearls are on the rise, for example, sun glasses with pearls on the sides, handbags encrusted with pearls and jewellery with pearl accents. Pearl and silver is a classic combination and can adorn a classic suit, a wedding gown and a pair of jeans, equally well. Combine pearls with another popular material this year- shell, and you can really play around with designs. This year has really been all about pearls and more pearls. They make a great statement piece, can start conversations and send out a clear fashion message. Combine pearls with one of the trends this year- layers. Layer your pearls in rows of necklaces and bracelets and make a splash!

Small bags - don't ask what the use is; you're following a trend so get behind the tiny bag trend. It's handy- carry your credit card in it, and not one of the larger phones, some cash and you're set. They come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Straps are long or short, so carry it slung across your body or clasped in your fingers. Tie a printed scarf around the bag and you combine two trends in one!

Natural materials for accessories - jewellery made of shell, wood, and glass and bags made of straw and wicker are all the rage now. The beauty of natural materials is that you can wear that jewellery and flaunt those bags pretty much through the year. Materials of this kind go well with soft pastels and are perfect for slow lazy days.

Eyewear - sunglasses are always on the radar of the fashion forward. This year is no exception. But there has been a shift from the soft curves of the huge glasses we used to see. The oval-shaped and the John Lennon glasses are out. In its place are edgy and angular sunglasses. Think rectangular, hexagonal, triangular and diamond-shaped.  

Heels - gone are the simple days of the simple heels. From really sleek, knotted heels to transparent block heels, to sky-high heels, the sculptural heel is here to stay this year.