Medical tourism is expected to only become more common in the future. While most people think about hair transplant surgery or body sculpting when it comes to the medical tourism industry, the reality is that it also includes dental treatments.

Dental care is often very expensive especially in countries like the United States where even though people can purchase dental insurance, the plans are usually very limited and may not even cover the cost of cosmetic work. This means that people spend a lot of time struggling to pay for good dental care which often people go without. The problem is that dental problems are actually linked to many other health problems, so it is important to fix your teeth.

Dental procedures are often more affordable in countries such as Turkey which has a booming medical tourism industry. Clinics offer modern dental procedures with the best technology that is available. World-class accredited specialists are also available and on staff at many of the clinics. The country is also well-known for having high standards of hygiene in many of the medical clinics.

What types of dental treatments are usually offered in medical tourism?

There are several options available for dental care in clinics in Turkey. Some of the treatments are quick and easy and do not cost too much money, while others are complex and more expensive. A quick treatment, for example, is teeth whitening in which your teeth are treated to improve their color and brightness. 

There are natural treatments to whiten discolored teeth that people sometimes try, but these can cause problems such as the removal of the protective enamel layer. Therefore it is better to actually check with a specialist first before trying some home remedy you just happen to hear about. Dental clinics use products that are safe and effective and that will not damage your teeth. 

What if you have crooked or missing teeth?

Crooked teeth can make you feel ugly, and your smile, after all, is a big part of your face. Children often wear braces to fix and align crooked teeth but as adults there may still be problems, and teeth may become damaged with time. A good option for adult teeth in this condition is teeth straightening. Though offered in many offices stateside, it can be more affordable in other countries. 

Chipped, broken and missing teeth can ruin a smile and make a person feel embarrassed and self-conscious. The options for fixing broken teeth, especially in the front of the mouth become more important because these front teeth form the smile. Back teeth may not be as crucial in this regard, but still need to be properly fixed and filled, or crowned so that you can eat and to prevent infection.

Dental veneers are useful for changing the appearance of otherwise healthy front teeth, and many clinics involved in medical tourism offer veneers. A dental veneer is a wafer-thin shell, usually made of porcelain, which is fitted over the tooth. The veneer is glued onto the actual tooth and is a great way to achieve that Hollywood smile that you have always wanted to get.

More extensive work is needed if you have a tooth that requires a root canal because it is infected. In these cases, the dentist first has to remove the infected pulp and then a crown has to be made to replace the top part of the tooth. Dental crowns can be quite expensive in many countries, but are necessary, and should be carefully matched with color and size to the rest of your teeth, especially if it is a front tooth that is being fixed.

If teeth are missing completely, then a more costly but often necessary option is to have dental implants put in place. In these cases an actual piece of metal is screwed into the jaw which over time fuses with your jaw bone. A crown is then fixed on top of this post to take the place of the missing crown of the tooth. The dental implant is stronger than a traditional crown and should be permanent provided you practice good dental hygiene. You can find out more about dental implants by visiting the Vera Clinic.

The disadvantage with implants is that the cost can be very high, which is one reason it is a popular procedure that people travel overseas for. You should also keep in mind that you have to have enough bone left in your jaw in order for the procedure to work well. Consulting with a dental expert can give you some idea of what is involved and if you qualify for dental implants. In some cases, bone grafts can be done but this will add to the expense of the procedure and extend the treatment time.

There are cases where you may have several teeth that are missing. In these situations you can possibly get a dental bridge which attaches to one or two implants or natural teeth on either side of the gap. This is a viable option for some people, and is still better than wearing dentures which do not work well and often look very fake.