Whether its in Asia or Europe, Traveling is always extra special when you can speak the foreign language of the country you are visiting in. It is much more exciting when you know the basics of the ones country and for sure locals will appreciate your efforts learning to speak their kind of language.

Though learning a language seems that hard, it is not as you might think it is. here are tips that could give travelers a basic guide to navigate and explore their chosen destination without the use of a guide or translator. In one survey in the U.S. and britain states that if you can speak more than one language, it adds up to a persons sexual appeal making that person more attractive.

Choose the right program. There are many ways to learn and adapt a certain language of speaking from books to applications to group lessons, it is best for you to find what suits you in order to have an easier path of learning a language. Others prefer visual learning and many more.

One app that offers language translation is Duolingo. There is also the Pimsleur method which focuses more on spoken phrases and audio learning as opposed to memorization.

Always connect with a native speaker before leaving. It is always best to converse with a native speaker than spend time reading and memorizing books, or watching films that are foreign in nature.

Chatting and conversing with someone who is a native speaker of your chosen language to learn is more reliable. Its is not only about the phrases, the sentences but also the accent.

Always see to it to practice everyday. Take 15 minutes off your time to practice different vocabularies and listen how the language is being spoken especially the accent and how they say it.

The repetitive habit makes language easier to learn and adapt. With daily practice, new learners will have a better way to understand the right use of grammar and vocabulary.

Add some technology in the process. New language apps are available in the market and easy to access making it an easier way to practice and learn more of the basics while traveling. As mentioned earlier, there is the Duolingo App for smartphones that serves as a good tool as a lesson plan for language students. Other apps include Busuu and Memrise according to Tech Times.

Set goals and do not overthink to much. Travelers expect to be very fluent after learning the language just weeks after they started to study it though many fall short and get disappointed.

It is normal to fail and not be very fluent after just weeks of practice but take down notes, list phrases and listen to conversations that would help you all the way. If not, there is always Duolingo app that will help you on the go if needed. For more of the latest news and current event stay tuned to Travelers Today.