Different language is one of the reasons why people around the world are divided besides their geographical location.

If you're planning to conquer a trip around the world, better brush up on your knowledge of foreign languages depending on where you are going. English may be a widely used language, but it's hardly pervasive.

Acquiring a new tongue might not be the easiest option, but Travel and Leisure gathered alternative techniques of beating that language hurdle.

It's truly remarkable when someone is bilingual or even multilingual, but don't worry if you're far from being one. In the meantime, these tips and tools will not require you to master a new dialect and yet, it will still work perfectly fine abroad.

Replenish Your Basics

Be sure to brush up on your basic by doing online tutorials or spending hours with Rosetta Stone before your scheduled departure. Always research on "how to say greetings", "thank you", "how to ask for directions" and "how much". Keeping these up your sleeve will get you by your trip just fine.

Download Language Apps

Technology made a huge impact by the growing number of applications and inventions in order to eradicate the language barrier between people. Duolingo is a free-language app for different types of students which is fun and interactive. Also, downloading translation apps can back up your skill at your destination. Google Translate is a popular app containing 90 foreign languages that also has a written language capability. If you found yourself, blabbing because you can't pronounce the words correctly, just show the app to any local and you're good to go.

Show Pictures

If you were not able to get acquainted with the local language, showing pictures as a simple of mean of communication with people to relay any information such as food allergies and restroom locations will make your life easier.