Trying to plan a New Year's Eve Vacation can sometimes be both time and money consuming though New Year is something that only happens once a year. It is special as we say farewell to the old memories and open the doors to another year. One of the best places to experience the festive season is New York City as it offers the best New Year experience with celebrities, the fireworks display, the great music and the crowd.

According to CN Traveler, this week is the least expensive week when it comes to booking a hotel in the area. Not only for the hotels, but also for the cheap airfares as well that offers the best deals in lieu of New Year's Eve.

Meanwhile, Travel And Leisure said that it is best to consider airports other than the main ones in New York. Airports in Philadelphia, Westchester, Stewart and Islip offer much cheaper price that could save you alot of money.

Getting a car rental is a no no especially in the festive season since it may be booked already or it could cost a lot since it is New Year's Eve. Another is the traffic, if you are not a local of New York City then it would be very hard to navigate the area plus the parking fees that could also raise up during the New Year's Eve.

The best solution would be taking taxis and using Uber. New York is known for its busy highways and streets, though the public transportation system of the city is easy and very affordable which will help you save a lot of money.

It is always a tradition when traveling that booking a hotel ahead of time is a must. However, there are some websites like HotelTonight that offers a great way to get a cheap deal on a last minute hotel room, it will also guide you to the location.

Carry Light. Do not pack too things from clothes to footwear in your bag. The lighter you bring, the easier it is to navigate around the city and enjoy the lights and festivities around.

Lastly, plan on how you would celebrate the night waiting for the New Year. Waiting in the streets for hours could make you feel uneasy because of the freezing cold temperature. Try entering a bar near the area, have a couple of drinks while waiting for the countdown.

Here is a look on last New Year's Eve countdown in New York at Times Square. For more of the latest news and updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.