To NBA fans around the world, Christmas day has always been about famous match ups, one of which is the rematch between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. For the two teams, this is their first meeting after the Cavs won the NBA championship last year against the Warriors in game 7.

According to SB Nation, the Cavaliers, just like last year in game 7 of the finals, Kyrie Irving made a huge turnaround jumper with just a couple of seconds left to steal and win the game. Moments before that Kyrie magic happened, the Cavs were down by 14 points but they made a huge comeback that gave them a chance to win the game against their bitter rivals.

After Kyrie's shot, a time out was called by Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors. According to CBS Sports, with around three seconds left in the shot clock, the Warriors decided to give the ball to the hands of Kevin Durant for the final shot but was tripped which ended the chances of the Warriors attempting a shot to steal the game. In the end Cleveland won 109-108 in the NBA Christmas day special.

For NBA critics, this game really was not that of a big deal considering that these teams could possibly meet up again in the finals next summer for the third time in a row. This game was special because it showed a throwback of what happened last year in game 7.

Though it was just a regular NBA season game and both teams know that they are not playing for the season but for the championship, it was fun to watch and fans were happy about the outcome of the game. For more of the latest news and current updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.