From the ever-innovative company that has given us nifty and user-friendly functions, Google gives its users an apprise about its latest artificial intelligence, called the Google Assistant. It was initially disclosed to the public this year and has garnered more curiosity and excitement from followers. The Google Assistant is pegged to help manage all aspects of life efficiently just like what a personal VA does.

Google Assistant is as acquiescent as a human assistant. This smart assistant can respond to voice, image and text. You can practically ask anything and it will provide you with the information that you require. It is conversational audibly and visually.

For instance, when you run out of one ingredient in preparing a dish, you can ask this Google functionality and it will respond audibly what could be used as a substitute. Moreover, when you are offline, you can reach your assistant even with a text. For an example, you can give a command on reciting lines from a poem or translating a certain greeting into another language. Google Assistant will reply in a text form. Furthermore, it can read images and QR codes, too.

Google Assistant is personal and unique to the need of every individual just like what a trusted assistant is. You can ask help for about your travel plans involving flight status, hotel reservation, reminders, street navigations, restaurant search, and many more. You can also control what information you do not want to share with your Google Assistant.

Google Assistant also works in combination with the other functionalities of Google such as Home, Pixel, and Allo. Because of these connections, it makes life easy to manage whether one is at home, work, business, travel, or university. To top it all, it can work with other services, too, like Uber, Netflix, and Youtube.

Google is continuously making expansions and collaborations to enhance the artificial intelligence units that they are offering to the world. The Google Assistant is now operational using the Google Allo App.