May 24, 2024 11:50 AM

Artificial Intelligence

Robots That Help Lost Passengers In Airports And Malls Now Working

Robots are now seen as helpers or assistants in airports and malls. They can help lost people in public places.


Hotel Prices Tracking App Now Available Via Facebook

Travelers will surely love this new search tool that can track hotel prices using Facebook. It is an AI that lists down search results that the traveler can choose from.


The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Travel

Artificial intelligence may not be too malicious as Hollywood portrays them. In the future, they will become the world's best travel agents.


Your Personal VA How To Manage Your Life With The Google Assistant

Wouldn't it be such a relief to have the assistance that we personally need in our busy lives? The Google Assistant does it like a personal VA. It is acquiescent,personal and unique to its users. It works best in combination with other functionalities and services. Use this smart voice assistant to manage your life.


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