Artificial intelligence is nowhere near the level of sentient robots or malicious intelligences in most Hollywood blockbusters but travel trend analysts consider them as pivotal for the industry -- specifically the possible obscurity of travel agents and other "middlemen." They are expected to be key disruptors in travel distribution worldwide.

The portable computers in the form of smartphones make it easy for the processing power of "AI" travel applications such as GuestU and SnapTravel to perform their task of collecting immense amounts of personal data from their users. With your permission, they will collect and analyze your personal data to anticipate your needs while in vacation. According to According to MarketWatch, artificial intelligence in travel apps would substitute concierge services by anticipating all your possible needs while travelling.

"Big data" -- a collection of all online profile information from permitting users -- is essential for travel AI to work. A computer's fast calculations could predict that one person's preferences may be similar to another, making its suggestions greatly appealing for the traveler.

According to Travel Weekly, AI would not exactly replace human travel agents but can serve to augment and speed up their work. The news website cited Trisept Solutions President John Ische who said artificial intelligence in travel is "the leading edge" and that "the wave is coming" despite the lack of superficial effect that AI has deeply made impact into the industry.

The news website also cited a London School of Economics Report mentioning that AI will deeply affect travel distribution. Travelers will not need to be "locked down" a chain of travel services from their flights, hotel stays and rented vehicles during their vacation. The AI could perform this for them and according to the report, travel retailers rated AI at eight from a scale of 0-10 as being greatly important in disrupting travel distribution.