Travelers can now track hotel prices to enable them to get the best-priced hotels in town. Now a tool has been developed by travelers themselves to track hotel prices. With the help of Waylo, practical travelers will no longer become exhausted on finding out whether they got the hotel booking that is worth their money.

Waylo is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that allows globetrotters to know hotel prices by using the social media platform Facebook. It is very simple and available anytime.

Frugal Tavel Guy reported that it is done by accessing their website, then, the user will be guided through their process which is an amazing hotel booking tool. The user will be given a brief tutorial on how to use the tool. It is as simple as submitting the cities and dates of travel via Facebook. Then the bot will search hotels and come out with a list to choose from.

Individual hotel prices and the site map of its location will then surface. There are various options from two-star downtown hotels to luxury five-star ones owned by the current president of America.

But since the tool is still a continuing work, the app will show the same results until a human will take over to help with the tracking. So far, the tracking is efficient with Waylo checking messages from the computer or phone and send the user updates in case of price changes.

There is just one thing worth mentioning. The booking transaction is done on Facebook and not a travel website or hotel. But the hotel details and the confirmation are sent through email. So the bonus points and perks for booking cannot be availed. But with that single inability, the tool is worth a try.

For those frequent travelers who want to get the best deal, the hotel tracking app can be a good travel advisor and help. This is one benefit of artificial intelligence that will soon make life easier for humans.