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Five Expressions You Need To Learn Before Traveling To Los Angeles

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Apr 17, 2017 05:39 AM EDT

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Los Angeles is known to be a diverse town when it comes to language. What words meant in your place of origin might have different meanings when you are in L.A. So before going to a place, especially to those which are as varied as Los Angeles, you first need to know the basic expressions to save you from being misinterpreted or misled. With that, here are some of the essential expressions that you might need to learn before travelling to L.A.

"The Industry". In other parts of the world, the word "industry" could mean business or production of goods. But if you are in Los Angeles and you heard of the expression "The Industry", do not ever attempt to talk about the economy, oil companies and alike. According to BuzzFeed, "The Industry" in L.A. is a shorter term for the industry of entertainment and anything that is related to films, music and entertainment studios.

"What a bust". This is used as an expression of disappointment. You may often hear of this expression when things or situations get quite sad or upsetting. For example, when you forgot your amusement park ticket at your hotel's safe, you may hear the attending staff saying, "What a bust, Sir. You really cannot enter our premises without those tickets."

"The Lake Show". If you heard of "The Lake Show" in Los Angeles, do not expect to see colorful fireworks while you are on a picnic at the side of the lake. "The Lake Show" in L.A. does not mean that you will get to see synchronized ducks swimming in the lake or whatsoever show that will happen on "lakes". This expression is used by the locals who are basketball enthusiasts in referring to the world-famous Los Angeles Lakers, Matador Network says. For years, the basketball industry has already been a staple in Los Angeles and has known to give birth to the names Earvin "Magic" Johnson and others.

"Kick it". On a normal basis, kick it means kicking something such as a ball, an object, or even your friend. However, in Los Angeles, "Kick it" has a more exciting meaning. When one asks you to kick it, it means he/she is inviting you to hang out, relax and spend some leisure time together.

"Animal Style". The first things that comes to your mind when you heard of the expression "Animal style" is definitely not what it really means in Los Angeles. Locals in L.A. cannot live a week or two without going on In-N-Out Burger, a highly-popular food chain in the US. And if you are an expert, you surely know how to order the "Animal Style". It is where the usual burgers are spiced up with some grilled onions and a kick of In-N-Out's special sauce.


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