New York is an epitome when it comes to the juiciest steaks in America. But in reality, during the previous years, there are numerous steak houses that opened in Los Angeles where customers can also satisfy their palettes with luscious cuts of meat.

Whether you like it rare or medium well, steaks are definitely one of the American favorites. And believe it or not, there are several steak houses in Los Angeles that serve steaks as mouth-watering as what you expect them to be. Here are five of the best steak houses that you have to visit in the heart of California.

Alexander's Steakhouse. According to the Los Angeles Eater, this steakhouse is the most sophisticated place in Los Angeles that offers the finest cuts of Wagyu beef that are cooked to perfection. From its interior design, utensils and table arrangements, up to the steaks themselves, Alexander's Steakhouse is as elegant as any Michelin star restaurant in America.

Mastro's Steakhouse. This steakhouse in downtown LA is considered to be the best spot for the classic Beverly Hills steak. The meat that is cooked to perfection on a thousand oaks literally just melts in your mouth. The dark and classy atmosphere of the restaurant plus the live jazz piano music playing in the background is what makes Mastro's Steakhouse perfect for romantic dates and dinners.

CUT. Another world-class steak house in Beverly Hills, CUT is among the fancy restaurants in Los Angeles where you can find the most impressive cuts of meat and glasses of wines. According to Zagat, CUT offers a modern yet simple take on mouth-watering steak that is definitely worth the money you pay for. Despite being a bit pricey, CUT will definitely give you the most memorable steak experience in your life.

JAR. Operated by the Too Chef Masters contestant, Suzanne Tracht, this steakhouse has been already serving world-class chops since 2001. You can literally choose from whatever cut of steak you think will satisfy your tastebuds at the moment - from porterhouse steaks to NY prime Wagyu beef. The classic, stunning dining will definitely complete your ultimate steak experience. Aside from steaks, JAR also serves tacos and tasty sliders.

Nick and Stef's. Located in downtown of Los Angeles, this steakhouse definitely made a huge return in 2015 with its more lightened dining and most especially, a more appetizing and larger set of menu. From its exceptional cuts of meats that are dry-aged on a ravishing meat locker for over 28 days, the tomahawk and New York strips literally falls off the knife and fork.