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Great Tips On Keeping Your Homes Safe And Secured This Holiday

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Apr 13, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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Planning for a holiday vacation is not just all about travel destinations, ticket fares and hotel accommodations. Travelers need to take note that keeping your homes safe while you're away is also important. Well, here are a few home safety tips that might just help you out whenever you plan on traveling.

Keep It Low Key. According to Mapping Megan, don't tell everyone that you're going on a vacation. If you really need to, choose the ones whom you really trust so they can keep an eye on your home from time to time while you're away.

Make Friends. Whenever you move into a new neighborhood, it pays to get to know the people near you and establish a good relationship with them. You can have them watch over your house if you're away. In fact, you can even leave your keys with them and it's much safer than leaving it in the mailbox or under a mat.

Load Your Luggage Covertly. Even if you don't tell people about your vacation, they'd probably figure it out if they see you loading your luggage in your car. If possible, do it in your garage or do it at night when no one is watching.

Make Your House Look Occupied. Saga suggests that before you leave for your trip, try to mow the lawn or cancel newspaper deliveries. You don't want people to think that the house is empty because of the tall grass and piled up newspapers on your doorstep.

Keep Valuables Safe. Make sure that you have your jewelries, money and other important things kept in less-obvious places. It would also help to keep your valuables in separate locations. It helps to think like a burglar.

Before you go on your trips, make sure that you follow these tips. You don't want to come home to an empty house.

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