Samsung Electronics Co Ltd officially announced on November 06 that it would launch an artificial intelligence digital assistant service for its forthcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. This is believed to be one of their strategic method in seeking rebound from the recently flopped Galaxy Note 7's turmoil, according to reports by the Venture Beat.

Reports says that Samsung is planning to integrate the works of their recently acquired "Viv," a San Jose-based company's AI platform, into the top-of-the-line smartphones. This aims to expand voice-assistant services to home appliances and wearable technology devices. Investors and analysts believes that the Korean tech giant needs to provide a major strong come-back device such as Galaxy S8 for Samsung to win back customers and recover from previous losses.

Samsung is relying on Galaxy S8 to be able to put back consumers' confidence in their devices after the ordeals faced by Samsung with their Galaxy Note 7 which has been estimated to hit its profit by $5.4 billion over the last three quarters and up through the first quarter of 2017, as further explained by Venture Beat.

Based on the Venture Beat, Samsung did not further disclose what types of services the AI assistant will be offering come its launching on the Galaxy S8. The latest smartphone is anticipated to go on sale early 2017. It said that the AI digital assistant would enable users to use third-party service effortlessly.

Artificial Intelligence is now becoming the future technology. Technology firms are now in the phase of challenging themselves to make AI good enough to users in interacting with their devices, especially via voice command.

Forbes pointed out that the tech giants have their own digital assistants: Apple has Siri; Microsoft with Cortana and Google has their Google Assistant. It seems that Samsung is currently in the limelight of curious consumers on how their own rendition of a virtual assistant in the Galaxy S8 would be like.

On what it seems, Samsung is tapping into Viv's existing strengths and capabilities rather than aiming to refurbish the platform. If the digital assistant in S8 becomes a hit, it could help Samsung make up for its financial losses, as per reports by Forbes.