Following the adverse ordeals faced by Samsung with their Galaxy Note 7, the Korean tech giant needs to provide a major come-back device to enable Samsung to continue its lead as one of the primary mobile phones.

To be able to put back the public's confidence in their devices, Samsung is purportedly brewing the Samsung Galaxy 8 to be the next-generation top-notch smart phone.

Samsung will be promoting their next flagship device with iris recognition and a dual cam system.

According to Tech Times, they need to make use of the upcoming Galaxy S8 to woo customers' trust and confidence when it comes to features, performance and safety.

In view of this, Galaxy S8 will sport the Note 7s' technology of iris scanner. This will come with an added layer of safety and security to obviate the fiasco faced by the latter phone.

The iris scanner is one of Note 7's key features and the dual camera system is one of the most popular features of this year's flagship phones, as reported by iTech Post.

Tech Times also conveyed that the Galaxy S8 needs to strongly establish itself as a strong dominant product. It also has to reinstate itself for the Note 7s' fall down especially regarding safety and security concerns.

Unfortunately, Samsung can definitely not rely on the outcome of Galaxy Note 7 to promote the upcoming Galaxy S8, hence it is like pressing the promotional reset button to start all over again.

Another highlight of Samsung Galaxy S8 is its dual-lens rear camera system. This feature is expected to compensate the financial losses caused to the lens suppliers by the Note 7.

According to the Korea Herald, an official from one of the component suppliers working on Samsung's Galaxy S8 stated that, "Samsung never uses the same camera for its flagship models, upgrading the camera of its flagship device every year, so there surely will be an improvement (for the S8 camera),"

To sum up, Galaxy S8's success is crucial to bring back Samsung at the top of the game.