Fans were surprised when Smackdown Live decided to insert Baron Corbin into the match featuring AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship which is scheduled live next Tuesday. This would mean a triple threat will happen thus Corbin will have a chance to win the title.

With the triple threat happening, fans speculate that the move could mean that WWE is looking forward for a spectacular finale to end the year. It is also expected that John Cena will have his comeback to face Styles that will spark the fire of the highly anticipated match between Cena and Styles next year on Royal Rumble.

According to Cage Side Seats, the reason why the WWE inserted Baron Corbin in the match was to lessen the activity of AJ Styles because of the minor ankle injury he incurred during the TLC match against Dean Ambrose few weeks ago.It is also reported by Ring Side News that as the match now being a triple threat match, it is obvious that Styles will not need to put much pressure on the ankle making it safer and out of risk to further injury.

The injury that AJ Styles suffered was not that serious and severe enough to postpone the title match against James Ellsworth at Smackdown live last week. In the match, AJ Styles dominated Ellsworth quickly and battered him after the match until the medical staff arrived to check on Ellsworth and remove him from the area.

With Corbin now in for the title match against Styles and Ziggler, he has an opportunity to seal the deal and show everyone what he is capable of. The opportunity is here and it is now up to him to decide on the strategy he is going to execute. For more of the latest news and updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.