Justin Beiber began the year with the album titled "Purpose" which he said would start his movement. Despite struggles, the pop star experienced scandals due to his bad behavior in and out of the stage. His movement was a successful one this year, thanks to the millions of Believers that supports him all throughout his young career.

According to Rolling Stone, Beiber first came in the scene from a YouTube video that went viral when he was just 13 years old. Now here he is, a 22-year-old pop star who is nearly at the peak of his career and making millions of dollars each year. As of 2016, he released the album titled "Purpose," which details all his trials and tribulations to success in the music industry.

Lately, Beiber's "Purpose" album received four Grammy Award nominations for 2017 which also includes the most prestigious award in the music industry, the Album of the Year. According to Forbes, Justin Beiber made a gross of $56 million this year ranking him the 26th highest paid celebrity for 2016.

Another achievement the "Sorry" singer has is his 14 Guiness World Records which is insane talking about his age and how successful he is right now. As for 2016, Beiber manages to break almost half the records he has made in the past.

As Justin Beiber's achievements grew more and more, cementing milestones in his career, the pop sensation's behavior also grew and became more strange. Just this year, March 2016, Beiber canceled a nonrefundable meet and greet with fans on his World tour which was said to worth $2,000 dollars each, the reason was because he was tired and was not happy about the situation where he is.

Another issue regarding Justin is his statement about his fans treating him like an animal in a zoo because of continuous flocking everywhere he goes from concerts, to basketball games to shopping at high streets. Despite his weird behavior, Beiber denied being angry as he also stated that all he was trying to do is make people listen and hear him out.

From the erratic and weird behavior that the young pop star showed lately to his successful album hits this year, fans are sure that Justin Beiber will always be one of the realist celebrities out there and will continue to become better and give fans the music and the piece that he wants to tell. For more details about the latest news and updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.