"Dota 2" has upgraded once again as many avid gamers reported bug issues in patch 7.00 of the game. With that said, Valve made a quick move to fix the problem by releasing patch 7.01 which solved the bug issues and provided upgrades of many heroes as well.

Despite the minor bugs in the latter 7.00 patch, avid gamers of "Dota 2" are now enjoying the new update patch 7.01. Players have noticed a huge difference in the game as the crashing issue has been resolved.Other than that, Valve also restored the issues on the guide list which is created by the players of the game.

For the Monkey King, players of "Dota 2" have noticed a big leap of improvement on the character. The skills and attributes of the said hero are much more balanced than before. According to PC Invasion, Monkey King's Jingu Mastery skill is now fixed though it is a bit shorter with a five-second difference.

Another skill set that has improved Monkey King in the latest patch 7.01 is his boundless strikes that can be convertible to 140/160/180/200 percent depending on how the player adjusts to the game. Before, on patch 7.00, this skill set can bring 200 percent critical damage which gives a huge disparity to say the least.

According to PC GamesN, the Enchantress in "Dota 2" is now more intellectual than the latter patch as the intelligence has been raised a couple of notches and made improvements to the character's skill set. Meanwhile, minor improvements were noticed for Invoker, Slark, Chaos Knight, Rikimaru, Doom and Phantom Assassin.

For now, players are glad that Valve fixed the issues and improvements in the latest patch of "Dota 2." Though the latter patch 7.00 was great, it is a good move for Valve to make sure the problems are fixed as soon as possible, ensuring a better quality gaming experience for avid gamers.