For years and years the holidays have always been the heart of the year and the most awaited time for celebrations, gatherings and the most basic of all yet the most important scene, the christmas lights. Everyone can appreciate the big city light displays and the expected cities to show up in the rankings.

For New York City, the thousands of huge LED's also has the 94 foot tall Christmas tree located in the Rockefeller Center decked almost 50,000 lights and a huge Swarovski star on top. On the other hand, midwestern people flock to Chicago in Christkindlmarket wherein the christmas lights exceed the number of sausages that is on sale.

According to Travel and Leisure, here are top 5 cities in America wherein people can visit and enjoy the holiday season as well as see the amazing christmas displays it offers. Number five in the list is Albuquerque, New Mexico.

ABQ Bio Park's  "River of Lights" is located in the city's Botanical Garden. The place is filled with miles of extension cords and millions of bulbs used to construct a light show in the area, it consists of 400 light sculptures from animated to 3D characters.

Number four in the list is Salt Lake City, Utah which has plenty of holiday lightings from the Main Street of the city up to the Broadway Boulevard but the main attraction in the area is the 35 acre Temple Square. It is suggested that when seeing the lights, a sip of cocoa or just strolling around near the Salt Lake Temple is highly recommended for a chill and relax holiday moment.

Third on the list is New York City, where it is considered as the place for Christmas lights enthusiasts it is because of the tremendous amount of lights the place offers everywhere from side to side. In New York from Rockefeller Center Tree to Macy's Flagship Herald Square Facade and more, you will notice that every street and corner seems to have giant decorations and lightings from the start of the holiday season until January.

Second would be Kansas City, Missouri. If you are into fireworks and shopping then this is the city for you to visit. Lastly, the number one spot goes to San Antonio, Texas.

When it comes to tradition and holiday festivities, Texas city is widely known for that. From the thousands lights and candles to the decorations on every street of the city to the glamorous floats being put up as early as November, visitors will truly feel at home and experience the true meaning of the holiday season. For more of the latest news and current updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.