"The 100" Season 4 will feature Bob Morley's role to be cut short as the series creator and director Jason Rothenberg revealed that the Aussie Actor will die in the upcoming season ahead. Bob Morley plays the role of Bellamy Blake who is the leader of The 100 and is said to be the mind of the group because of his tactics.

According to Movie News Guide, "Mako: Islands of Secrets" australian actor Chai Romruen is set to join the cast in the fourth installment of "The 100." the newly acquired actor will play the role of Ilan who joins Clarke Griffin played by Eliza Taylor as one of the new members of the cast in the latest season of "The 100."

For "The 100" Season 4, Gamenguide reports that  they did everything just to survive and fight while also losing some great allies and closest friends on the way. Despite everything they did just to survive and make sure they are in the right track, the war appeared to be very shatterproof, which rises and rises making it more dangerous to everyone as it goes on.

ALIE who is played by Erica Cerra who is the artificial intelligence that put a stop to the world made ammends to relief the pain and proceed to the next life in the 'City of Light.' However as she progressed in ranking, it became obvious that she was gathering a group that will control the living on planet Earth.

On the other hand, in "The 100" Season 4 it is obvious that it will not be a fight against small groups but a fight to win and save the human race. "The 100" Season 4 will be airing on Feb 1, 2017 at 9 p.m. EST first and exclusive on the CW. For more of the latest news and current updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.