Bisexuality is the sexual and erotic attraction to both men and women. Someone who is bisexual does not particularly mean that the person is exclusively homosexual or heterosexual in that matter though can feel the attraction to both genders.

The sexual orientation of a person develops over time in a persons life. It all sums up to the different group of friends the person is influenced with, they may realize at one point in their lives that they may be either heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual in that matter.

According to Twenty Two Words, there are many Hollywood celebrities that are bisexual as a matter of fact one would be the dazzling Angeline Jolie, who revealed that she has girlfriends in the past. In the 90's and early 2000's, the "Tomb Raider" star admitted she was involved in a lesbian relationship with model and famous actress Jenny Shimizu.

According to GamenGuide, Jenny Shimizu is an all out lesbian while Jolie was bisexual. Another celebrity to point out is Lady Gaga as she also revealed she is bisexual who also admitted having girl to girl relationships in the past.

"Charlie's Angel's" very own Drew Barrymore also revealed she is bisexual. She also noted that being with different women allowed her to explore her body but through someone else which she loved and had fun doing it.

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong also revealed his sexuality, as he think he has always been a bisexual. He also noted that everyone is bisexual in nature but it depends on how other interpret it, whether it is taboo or something bad but noted that it is not a bad thing and when accepted and truly appreciated it is a good thing and beautiful in nature.

Other celebrities who are said to be bisexual are Alan Cumming, the late Amy Winehouse, Andy Dick, Cary Grant and Christopher Hitchens are just some of the few names in the Hollywood industry. In general, being bisexual is not a bad thing, it is how people interpret it to be that is being judged.

People are created different and bisexuality is different but it does not mean people who are bisexual should be treated unequal. For more of the latest news and current updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.