Shailene Woodley dating both men and women possibility revealed as the actress said she can fall in love regardless of the one's sex.

The actress' love life has become a public interest as she began to star in the recent movie "Divergent" along with Theo James and Kate Winslet. Shailene Woodley dating history is actually being eyed by her fans with the hope of knowing who the actress is really romantically involved with. However, speculations about the actress' real sexuality also came out as she left a very intriguing statement as posted in the Hollywood Reporter.

"I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are," she says.

Divergent star's statement has made a conclusion that the young actress is open for a relationship with both sexes. Before the issue regarding her real sexuality came out, rumors of Shailene Woodley dating her Divergent co-star Theo James was also on the loose. Though Woodley and James have shown much chemistry on and off the camera, the issue of them dating each other seems to be vague since the actor was said to have a girlfriend.

The 22 year-old starlet was also romantically involved with Shiloh Fernandez. Recent reports of Shailene Woodley dating Ansel Elgort, her co-star in "Divergent" and upcoming "The Fault In Our Stars" is also on the news as the two gets cozy. However, despite of the romantic involvement that Shailene Woodley has with some men, her sexuality and dating preference is now being questioned.

According to previous reports, Shailene Woodley dating men and women is a huge possibility. Photographs of the actress together with her best friends were also questioned relating to her sexuality wherein it was said that the actress is romantically involved with them but Woodley said that such thought is hilarious.

"No, those are my best friends", the young-actress said.