Celebrities nowadays seem to do anything just to keep up with the latest trends and style especially in fashion that some celebrities do not wear any underwear because some of the dress designs do not require one. For Anne Hathaway, she is no stranger to this as she regretted wearing nothing within her dress as she had a maldrobe malfunction one time in her career.

According to Gamenguide, when Anne Hathaway was asked about the maldrobe malfunction incident she noted that it was obviously an unfortunate incident that happen which made her unhappy due to the reactions of the press and people around when the incident happen. She also noted that people nowadays would rather take a picture, post it on the internet rather than helping the vulnerable person who had a humiliated moment.

Anne Hathaway also compared todays culture to her character in "Les Miserables" as she portrayed as a unwilling participant to be used as a sexual commodity. According to Curiosity Human, another celebrity that has been seen roaming around without any underwear was Katy Perry, who's figure is almost perfect when wearing skin tight dresses.

Another celebrity known for her figure and unbelievable shape is Kim Kardashian who is also known to step out in public wearing no undies at all. As for Kim, she always wears tight fitted clothes that show her gorgeous curves which does not allow her to wear any underwear that could ruin her figure in any way.

Selena Gomez has also been spotted not wearing any undies. She has been avoiding wearing both a bra and an underwear during her stage performances in the past which makes her perform more confident on stage without any worries at all. For more of the latest news and current updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.