Rumor say that despite the antagonism shown by Selena Gomez' family and being blatantly told to stay away from their daughter, Justin Bieber, the Cold Water singer amidst his hectic schedule because of his world tour still found the time to visit his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez who was spending her time in rehab.

Because of the side effects of Lupus (an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissues) kicking in, Selena Gomez plummeted down to depression which finally led her to go to a rehab as mentioned in CNN. She even have to cancel her world tour for a while and give herself some alone time to recuperate.

According to HNGN, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, two singing sensations who happens to be among the most popular celebrities not only in Hollywood but all over the world having dominated social accounts such as Instagram and Twitter might just be the modern day pair of star-crossed lovers. Talk about millenials Romeo and Juliet reincarnations.

Despite having been totally shunned and being blatantly told that he should steer clear from their poor daughter since they have been blaming Justin Bieber for Selena Gomez sudden depression, Justin Bieber seemed to have put all this aside and despite all odds he went out of his way just to see Selena Gomez who might have been undergoing one of the darkest phases of her life right now which might be the most romantic thing that JELENA fans can hear today.

Although, Justin Bieber seems to be finding it hard to settle down with his same old love because of him being linked to models such as Hailey Baldwin and Sofia Richie, JELENA fans should still be crossing their fingers because as the cliché goes people change and they do deserve to have a second chance because one way or another JELENA reunion might just be around the corner.