The developer of the game "Minecraft" wishes everyone happy holidays and as a gift to the avid fans of the game, "Minecraft" made a new huge update and some downloadable contents packs to make the game more interesting and fun-filled.

According to Venture Beat, "Minecraft" version 1.10 is now available in gaming consoles Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo. The new patch also named "the holiday update" since the update was made just this holiday season made a lot of improvements from new features like flying, new items, and more.

The new features of the game is said to be free and can be downloaded which fans expect to hear from the game. Developer Mojang and Microsoft are also making a couple of bundles and different skin packs for player this holiday season.

The holiday updates and the interesting downloadable contents of "Minecraft" is one way for Microsoft to keep players interested to play the game which made its first appearance on PC on 2009. The free updates will allow players to know what is the latest upgrade on the game. On the other hand, the skin packs will allow players to dish out money to help in the future development of "Minecraft."

According to Game Spot, not only will there be free stuff around but the latest upgrade will bring out new cities and end ships have been added. With this, it adds more fun to one of the most popular games of all time.

Furthermore, if players are not contented with the free contents of the latest update, they can spend $6 to unlock the new Fallout Mash up pack of "Minecraft." This downloadable content includes 44 skins that changes your character depending on what your taste is.

For the holiday season, there is also the Merry Bundle for only $7. This content includes holiday themed items. For more of the latest news and updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.