The new mobile game app "Super Mario Run" has been running smoothly so far, yet the trademark of the game adds a bit of twist and surprises from the challenging mode levels to building a kingdom and saving the famous Princess Peach from tyranny. For the coins in the game it is a different story.

Fans of the "Super Mario Run" have been wondering where the coins are located especially the black coins. There are the pink coins which can be seen even in the early stages of the game, the purple ones and the hardest one to find, the black coins.

According to Gameranx, "Super Mario Run" has always been about completing the challenging stages of the game and finishing the different bosses has been a normal scene for gamers. However, it is not the most challenging parts of the game, what is challenging is actually collecting the black coins which are very rare and very hard to locate making fans of the game wonder where it can be found.

Unlike the rest of the coins which can be found along the way without any problem, the black coins can be collected only after finishing every other type of special coin collections. According to Gamenguide, for "Super Mario Run" fanatics, here is a guide in locating the black coins found in the first two stages of World 1.

To locate the first black coin of "Super Mario Run" in World 1-1, do a wall jump off the first 3 block wall. For the second black coin, it is located in the ground of the three cloud blocks which is elevated.

The third black coin is located underneath the row of 7 brick blocks near the sky. For the fourth black coin is just past the three green pipes ahead and lastly for the fifth black coin location, it is hidden just in the first brick of a brick blocks row.

In World 1-2 of the mobile game, the first black coin is just right under the ceiling. As for the second black coin it can be located when steep hill hugging the wall and for the third black coin it is just found right after passing the secondary pipeline. For more details about the latest news and current updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.