At last, our favorite childhood game Super Mario Run is already available for download. Although for the meantime, only IOS users can get dibs on the famous 90's game. No specific date was announced yet, but it's highly suspected that the Android version will be released sometime in 2017.

Super Mario Run was released on over 150 countries last Thursday, December 15. You can download the app for free from the App Store on you iPhone and iPads.

However, free users can only get a taste of few levels in the mobile game. In order to unlock the rest of the game levels, you must spend about $9.99 for in-app purchases. It's quite expensive, prompting prospective users to ask themselves if the app is worth it.

But Teddy Dief, a games designer, came to Nintendo's defense in a report by the BBC by BBC. "Whether a game is premium, or free to play, the developers are hoping to be paid for their creation. How they choose to monetize is up to them, whether through ads, micro transactions, or simply asking to be paid up front," he said.

"A game like this isn't cheap to make. In my opinion, there's $10 worth of experience in Super Mario Run. But of course, the exact worth of a piece of entertainment is hard to pinpoint."

"If a player is worried it's not worth their $10, that's their choice to make, and Nintendo has given them free trial content to enable them to make that choice in an educated way," Mr. Dief said.

Still, even though the app met a lot of criticism on its release, Super Mario Run is actually making history in the App Store. On its first day, the app was downloaded 2.85 million times, compared to Pokemon Go who only got downloaded 900,000 times on its first day. Both games were under Nintendo.