Gala Yuzawa is very famous for being the only ski and snowboarding resort located in the town of Echigo Yuzawa in NIigata Prefecture 200kms north of Tokyo, Japan. With its very own bullet train, it is very convenient for both local and tourists making Gala an extremely popular destination for day trips from Tokyo.

According to Snow Japan, Gala consists of four main areas consisting the Central Area, Southern Area, Northern Area and the downhill courses. With the location set in a very high altitude, Gala enjoys a long chilly season and some snow conditions making it a perfect place for kids and adults who want to have an adventure in the chilly weather.

For tourist who want to experience and learn the nature of the course, skiing and snowboarding schools in Gala are available nearby if you want to take lessons and safety precautions. If you are ready to go and take on the down hill slopes, renting skiing and snowboarding equipments in the area is a no problem as it is accessible everywhere in the area.

For the ones who just want to enjoy the sight, a snow park is also available in the northern area of Gala Yuzawa. Another information according to Japan-guide about Gala is that it does not only offer snow activities, in fact Yuzawa is also know for its hot springs located around the ski resorts, bath houses and train stations which includes a sake bath.

According to, getting to Gala is just easy as everybody might think, since it is just 75 minutes away from Tokyo Station. In the winter season, trains from and to Tokyo serve Gala Yuzawa Station all day, while the shuttle train only runs between Echigo-Yuzawa and Gala Yuzawa during the middle of the day.

A one way trip from Tokyo to Yuzawa costs around 6500 yen which covers the train pass, the Niigata area pass and the Tokyo wide pass as well. For round trips, a discount is given making it less costly and acommodating at the same time.

If you want to access Gala Yuzawa by car, a drive from Tokyo to Yuzawa IC usually wound take up two hours and could cost up to 5000 yen in the expressways tolls. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, a car trip would be very costly since the 5000 yen in the expressway tolls just offers a one way access. It is also important to take note that when using a car, it is required to have winter tires on hand.

For Gala Yuzawa Season and Opening Schedules, it is generally open from 8am up to 5pm. From the 3rd of April until 7th of May, the resort is open until 4:30pm while 4pm on weekends while Gala Yuzawa is closed at night for safety purposes. For more details about the latest news and updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.