May 22, 2024 11:59 PM

Cayla Dayani

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    Here Are The Best Airlines For 2017 According To Airline Ratings

    In the recently-concluded Airline Excellence Awards hosted by the prominent, 10 airlines were hailed as frontrunners of the today's airline industry.

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    Best Desserts You Must Not Miss In Thailand

    Akin to its diverse nation, flamboyant bars, and superb beaches, Thailand's desserts are superlative in taste.For foodie travellers out there, look no farther away as there are many dessert choices in the Land of Smiles.

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    Travel Tips: Things In Store For Brunei Visitors

    Brunei Darussalam has one of the highest standards of living in the world. The country distinguishes itself as an "Abode of Peace" because of the goodwill of its citizens and the lushness of the kingdom. If you want to get to know the country more, keep reading. Here are some of the things that will welcome you here.

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    Travel Tips: Things To Do At Changi Airport Singapore

    While waiting for a flight at the Changi Airport Singapore, travellers can get a hook of the numerous activities available to guests. There are thrilling attractions and awesome facilities to stimulate travellers and to keep them comfortable.

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    Travel Tips: Things To Discover In Nepal

    Home to the 8th highest mountain in the world, Nepal is known for its mountains, nature, festivals, wildlife, crafts and yoga. According to BBC, Nepal was locked to the global community for a long time until the 1950s. Nowadays, the country is more exposed to international communities and offers quite a number of things to do and places to see.

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    Christmas Gift Ideas For Travelers

    Christmas, the time for munificence and forbearance, is just around the corner and shoppers are busy editing their list. According to Business Insider, there is a new shopping trend happening - i.e. shoppers are now opting for non-physical presents for this holiday season. For giving gifts to your travel aficionado friends and family, are you gearing towards this trend or will you be the traditional gift-giver?

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    Street Food, Water Sports, And Toilets: Fun Things To Do In Taiwan

    According to BBC, Taiwan is regarded as one of Asia's Big Traders and the nation's tourism is booming. There has been an increase of 4.84% this year in the number of foreign visits. Xiaoye at the night market, water attractions, hiking activities, and restaurant culture are just some of the reasons foreigners take a trip to Taiwan.

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    Best Train Travels In India

    BBC asserts that India is home to most of the world's surviving civilizations and diverse cultural traditions. One instrument that helps in preserving and influencing the heritage of India is its train system. Be it a luxury train travel or a mundane one, tourists will definitely get a phenomenal experience from Indian rail journeys.

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    Travel Tips: Best Cultural Homestays In Asia

    More and more travelers are now ditching overpriced hotels and loud hostels for homestays, where one can experience a country's culture by living in a local's home.

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    Cheapest Places to Travel In January 2017

    A new year brings out bucket lists or resolutions from people to start the year in a positive vibe. 2016 is about to end and a great way to welcome the next year is by travelling. Cost of hotels and air tickets usually decrease towards the 2nd week of January. There are several selections for the best option according to the weather and prices. Here are the cheapest places to travel to in January 2017.

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    How to Travel To Israel: Five Things You Need To Know

    Home to the famous Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and Haifa, Israel is one country that has an overabundance of beautiful attractions. It is worthy to take time in getting acquainted with the necessary information before heading to this side of the world. Here are the essentials.

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    Travel Tips: How To Use The Triposo Travel App

    Software developers are becoming more generous in giving profuse applications to users to give them comfort and handiness. In the category of travelling, one such tool that will enable you to plan your journey intelligently is the Triposo app.

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    Travel Tips: Retirement Destinations in Asia

    Published in the Market Watch site, there are several ways pensioners use their valuable time and finances during retirement and one of those is travel. There is a vast selection of cities and countries that on can go to in order to truly delight in a retirement travel.

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    How To Travel To Bhutan: Five Things You Need To Know

    The Land of the Thunder Dragon, what the world knows as The Kingdom of Bhutan, opened its doors to the global community in the 1970s. After hundreds of years of isolation, this fascinating country is now reconnecting to other countries and many people across the globe get drawn by it. One of the reasons for the attraction is Bhutan's reputation for being the "happiest place on earth".

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    Best Hiking Places In The Philippines

    Apart from relaxing on the islands, indulging in the food, and enjoying cultural activities, tourists can also enjoy trekking in the Philippines. This country is a great choice for hiking because of its geographical make-up. It is made up, naturally, of long mountain ranges, lurching slopes, and marvellous landscapes. There are a variety of trails to hike be it in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao.

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