Software developers are becoming more generous in giving profuse applications to users to give them comfort and handiness. In the category of travelling, one such tool that will enable you to plan your journey intelligently is the Triposo app.

Find out how to navigate through this expedient application.

Country Guide and World Guide

Users have the option to download separately a full travel guide of one country regardless of its size. If one is planning to travel to Malaysia, the user will be able to access complete information about the entirety of the country including its districts and states.

For easy comparison and quick decisions on travel, user may download the World Guide that allows users to check different countries in one space.

Will it be possible to download another full country guide, while keeping the Malaysia country guide and the World guide on one's phone or tab? Yes, it is.

Offline Access and Free of Charge

Triposo enables you to access the travel guide even without the internet connectivity. By allowing the application to access one's location, the user can access the offline maps. With the offline maps, travellers can see the directions, distance and estimated time of trip.

Android users can download this app via the Google Play store and Apple users can get it on App Store. Is it free of charge? Yes, definitely.

Amazing Content

The app features a detailed collection of facts and information in a very systematic arrangement.

There is a category, "See and Do" which displays an abundance of choices for top attractions, shopping places, amusement parks, nightlife, markets, place of worship, cinema. Moreover, it provides a list of available day trips, inclusions and the corresponding price.

Another category is the "Eat and Drink" which highlights the options for local dishes, international cuisines, alcoholic drinks, coffee, fast food, bars with live music, and clubs.

The last category is "Book Hotels and Hostels" which assists travel users to check prices and availability. Furthermore, when one taps on a certain hotel, one will see an overview, directions, nearby places, hotel class, facilities, and reviews.

Do you know how organized the information is? Users can filter the information by way of alphabetical order, distance, rating, price, features, type of place, location. 

Assistance through the Travel Tools & Practical Information

In addition to a remarkable content, there are additional functions that will give quick facts to travelers such as weather, currency exchange rate and phrasebook. Necessary information like safety, transport, health, tourist information office, money changer locations are also laid out for the perusal of travellers.

Published on Tnooz in December 2015, it was mentioned that the number of downloads in the past  five years have increased and more users benefit from Triposo. In fact, in the future, they plan to add more intelligent functionalities such as an SMS-style tool that will allow users to connect to local experts regarding their trip.

2017 is fast approaching and Triposo should, definitely, be the next travel guide app that users must download and keep.