Over the past years, Google has established its ground on innovation. It has furnished netizens with the expediency of gizmos such as Gmail, Google Hangout, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Scholar. 

With the growth of the tourism and travel industry, more and more people desire to travel. Many airlines across the globe continue to offer competitive prices, and travel apps that could make these prices even lower continue to surface--one of these apps is Google Flights, which is arguably one of the most effective travel tools we have today. 

Learn how to get the cheapest flights with the Google Flights App below. 

1. Take advantage of the Explore map.

Users can get a map view of the neighbouring places and makes it easy to decide where to go.While viewing the map on the right side, the user can also view a list of 3 airline options and 3 hotel options on the left side. A link to more options is also displayed on the same side. This Explore map functionality provides a stress-free navigation to users.

2. Get leads from the email notification.

Users can be alerted about changes in the airfare and trends which will help them make decisions right away.

3. Allow the application to monitor the prices.

Users can save a specific flight information if they choose to wait for sometime for the prices to go down. They do not need to manually check as they can receive an email when the price drops.

4. Collaborate with your friends and family on your travel plans

Users can find a flight they are interested in, save it and share it with their travel partners by hitting the Share button. 

With the objective of providing a reasonably good experience for users, Google is continuously crafting tools for netizens' dynamic needs.