Foodie travelers who visit Thailand will never run out of amazing things to eat. Like its beautiful beaches and colorful culture, Thai food is simply impeccable. This article will talk about the sweeter bits--here are a few desserts that you must definitely try when you're in the country. 

Traditional Thai sweets are primarily based on coconut, fruits, rice. This article highlights the best desserts that visitors must definitely try. 

1. A timeless part of the Thai menu is the Mango Sticky Rice, locally called as Khao Niao Mamuang, which is prepared by smothering the coconut cream sauce on the sticky rice and has sweet mangoes as toppings.

2. Another sweet Thai treat to devour is the Thai crepe, which is locally known as Kanom Buang ThaiLooking like small tacos, this one's made of egg whites and sugar. Squeezed duck egg yolks cooked in syrup also taken in as part of the filling. A mix of shredded coconut cooked with minced shrimp gets can also served as topping/ 

3. The I-dtim mat phrao or Coconut ice cream will surely invigorate a foodie's taste buds. This one's made from the mixture of coconut milk, palm sugar and salt cooked over in a pot and garnished with peanuts, corn, or jackfruit.

4. Roti, Thailan'd take on the crepe fascinates not only tourists but also locals. The amusing part comes when flipping the dough as it should be as flat and thin as possible. Once crispy outside and soft inside, the roti is ready to be filled with bananas or pineapple and trickled with condensed milk.

5. Thailand is home to an overabundance of fruits such as mangoes, rambutan, mangosteen, durian, pineapple, papaya, dragonfruit, pomelo, jackfruit, langsat, longan, and coconut. Fresh fruits are also served as dessert, so make sure that you give these a try as well. 

Waste no time and tickle your taste buds with these delicious desserts!