More and more travelers are now ditching overpriced hotels and loud hostels for homestays, where one can experience a country's culture by living in a local's home.

Staying in these type of accommodations, which could be more affordable (sometimes free), certainly gives a lot of meaningful experiences for any traveler--here, one can really immerse in a country's culture and get to know the locals. 

Here are some suggestions of where to do them in Asia. 


In northwest Vietnam, there is a mountainous area in Vietnam called Sapa which attracts trekkers, nature lovers and culture enthusiasts.

Tour operator Sapa Homestay Tours can arrange a homestay with a local family to explore about Vietnamese heritage. There are also some homes which allow overnight stays.

One such home is the Ban Ho Village Sapa where one could discover the unpolluted surroundings and witness the lifestyle of the ethnic group called Tay minorities. Tourists who opt for this village will get to see how the Tay people take care of their agriculture livelihood.

Another accessible homestay is the Ta Phin Village. Staying here will give travelers a chance to observe the three ethnic groups live their daily life like going to the market, walking along the village, and farming. 


Somewhere situated in the middle of Java and Lombok, Bali is a well-known destination because of its beaches. Most come here to surf or simply lounge by the beach, but it also has its share of good homestays where one can learn more about the culture. 

Bali Homestay Program, a travel business, can organize a personal homestay experience for tourists to discover Bali.  Part of the activities of the program are staying in the rural side, preparing palm sugar, cooking traditional cuisine, hiking, making handicrafts, and preparing Balinese coffee.


India is a huge country that will make tourists crave more in getting the experience of culture and local spirit.

Found in Salawas in Jodhpur, Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay is one of the best places to stay in. The lodging consists of village huts which will make tourists feel the laid-back life of the dwellers. Some of the activities offered during the stay are trekking, village safari, Rajasthani cuisines, folk dance and music.

Another desirable homestay which is located in Kerala is the Vembanad House. Here, tourists can immerse in activities like open air dining, fishing, Ayurvedic massages, cultural performances and yoga classes.

More and more countries are geared towards homestay tourism, so if you're looking for a different type of trip, this one's definitely something that you should consider.