Italy is one of tourists favorite place to travel. From the beautiful streets, shops, and the atmosphere of its cities, Italy is overflowing with art and luxury. Italian cuisines are also greatly appreciated by tourists all over the world. Out of the many countries and places in Italy, there are some truly worth visiting.

Because of the many beautiful places to explore and discover in Italy, it may take forever to visit all of them. However, the important thing is to visit the best ones. Here's a travel tip from Touropia and Telegraph of some great places in Italy.

1. Milan- Best for those tourists who love fashion, Milan offers you the best in fashion and style. The city contains tons of designer apparels that people from all over the world are craving for. Milan not just gives you all fashion items but it also contains some popular paintings tourists would love to see such as The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci.

2. Venice- Probably one of the most romantic places anyone could ever visit to, Venice is indeed captivating in many levels. The city is best know for its river and lagoon connected by wonderfully designed bridges. Take a scenic ride through the city's boat and enjoy a romantic moment.

3. Rome- As the capital city of Italy, Rome is popular among travelers. With the city's great ambiance and structures, it never stops to amaze tourists. Enjoy the wonderful architectural design of the city along with remnants of the great Renaissance.

4. Florence- Rich in art and entertainment, Florence is truly a great place to stay in. With great Renaissance influenced structures along with delicious restaurants, tourists have activities to do depending on their preferences. The city also offers great nightlife and classical music through operas and other entertaining activities.

5. Pompeii- Concealed over feet of volcanic ashes, Pompeii shows tourists of ancient Rome's way of living. With great places, bakeries and streets that brings out the history of the country just goes to show why Pompeii is one of the most popular places in Italy.

 These are just some of the many cities Italy has. Tourists can still visit other places in Italy that they would love to see. Just make sure to free up a longer time to uncover all the wonders if the country.