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Reykjavik Rises, Barcelona Slips And Nice Rebounds As Top European Summer Travel Destinations In 2018

Allianz Global Assistance Reveals Top 20 European Summer Destinations for American Travelers


What Is The Coolest Tree In Europe? Comeptition Is Set To Find Out

Europe holds one of the most wonderful places in the world. And do you know what else they consider beautiful? Their trees. This year, Europe is set to find the coolest tree with its European Tree of the Year Award, and there are 16 contending countries vying for a spot in the limelight with their entries.


Experience Luxury With The Top Five Most Expensive Cities In Europe

While they may be fun to live in, these European locations definitely aren't fun for your bank account.


Five Travelling Shoes Every Girl On-The-Go Must Own

Comfortable and Fashionable, these are the two words that best describes women's style when travelling. Since travelling involves a lot of walking, one's shoes are very important. Every traveller should know the appropriate footwear for the places one must visit. Here are some shoes that are highly recommended for women travellers to own a pair for their travels.


Travel Tips: The Best Places In Italy You Shouldn't Leave Out Of Your Itinerary

The cities of Italy eahc have their own wonders. Find out some of the best cities in Italy you should visit and discover.


Step Back In Time In Segovia

Only 50 miles from Madrid, the City of Segovia in Spain was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985 and was a main aesthetic inspiration for Walt Disney's Cinderella. This off-the-beaten-track little city is a perfect low-key trip destination if you're a history lover.


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