Europe may show off of a number of countries having some of the highest incomes and standards of living in the world but it proves to be the most costly as well. Finding somewhere to live in Europe might not that be that hard but surely it could cost a lot as Europe has been known to be having high priced rents. For you to have an idea, here are some of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Munich, Germany. Hotel prices in Munich are quite high especially in the months ahead of October. In Germany they have a festival wherein they celebrate Bavarian culture and heritage mainly through beers and spirits. These events happen yearly in Munich and it begins as early as September. A night in Munich can cost you 127 euros which is equivalent to $143 dollars which is pretty expensive to say the least.

Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is one of only three euro zone cities listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world for migrant to live in and work in. The capital of Ireland has also one of the highest average salaries in Europe. But with the increasing cost for livelihood meaning housing, the transportation cost and weekly groceries is making Dublin a more expensive city to live in this 2017.

London, England. The capital of Great Britain has the highest rents in Europe according to Business Insider. Although the income for people is not that high in this European country, most of the Brit's wages go to their monthly rents.

Zurich, Switzerland. According to Bloomberg, Zurich tops the list of the world's mos costly cities ahead of New York. It costs a Zurich family of just three people more than $3,600 a month to live, based on a basket of 122 goods and services that doesn't include rent. Despite those high expenses, Zurich also has the highest salaries in the world meaning the people of Zurich rank second in Europe in terms of enjoying the greatest purchasing power.

Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian capital has some of the highest wages in Europe. With high wages come high priced goods and services, meaning from groceries to other bills and transporation the city of Oslo does not come cheap. According to Most Today, for a single white loaf of bread it costs $6.31 which is just crazy high. For more news about Europe and other destinations as well, stay tuned to Travelers Today.