Only 50 miles from Madrid, the City of Segovia in Spain was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985 and was a main aesthetic inspiration for Walt Disney's Cinderella.  This off-the-beaten-track little city is a perfect low-key trip destination if you're a history lover.  

Getting There

Segovia can be reached easily by bus (an hour), train (two hours) or high-speed train (30 minutes).  

Buses from Madrid to Segovia run once or twice an hour from Principle Pio bus station.  The train can be caught at several stations in Madrid such as Atocha or Chamartin, and you can see a lot of bulls.  The AVE (high-speed train) station in Segovia is called Segovia-Guiomar. 

The city of Segovia is easily navigated on foot. 


The Alcazar castle was built around the 11th century and was one of the main design inspirations for Walt Disney's Cinderella.  The Alaczar has played an important role in Spanish history and has gone through a myriad of uses since - entry is 4.50 euros. 

The Roman Aqueduct is probably Segovia's most well-known site and is one of the best preserved in the world.  You can see it best from Azoguejo Square. 

In a particularly gothic touch, the city walls are made from recycled Roman gravestones.  The cathedral is also incredible. 

The Museo de Segovia contains artefacts, models and art relating to the histrory and culture of the city.  Entry is 1.20 euros. 

Be sure to buy some of the beautiful local pottery to take home with you. 


Known as 'mesones', there are numerous restaurants in Segovia selling lovely castilla cuisine, in particular, the venison.  The local delicacy is slow-roasted suckling pig. 

Restaurante Jose Maria, Cronista Lecea, 11 (Near Plaza Mayor), +34 921 461 111. An excellent meson. be sure to book ahead as otherwise, it will be impossible to get a table. 

Meson Duque, (Near Aqueduct) the oldest meson, serving since 1895. 

The region is also particularly known for it's amazing red wine. 

Where to Stay

Hotel Condes de Castilla - a gorgeous, traditional, convenient little hotel which stands near the main plaza and cathedral. 

Hotel Candido - another beautiful, stately hotel which perfectly captures the low-key, gothic mood of the city.