Sleep is the most important activity in everyone's life. It is essential in healing and repairing of your physical health, heart, brain and blood vessels. For those who travels and works a lot, a good sleep is the best gift that they can give to themselves. Did you know that those who deprives themselves to snooze is at risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke? So you better be good and give yourself a break, hug your pillow and reward your eyes some love.

Talking about sleep, a hotel in Peru will absolutely give you an extra ordinary sleeping experience. Visualize the rocky mountain, good morning sun or the romantic moon so close that it might kiss you while your bed is up in the air like a cloud in the sky. The Skylodge Adventure Suites will give you that extraordinary hotel experience. It is located in the Sacred Valley. It is an area in Peru's Andean mountainous region, near the town of Cusco and the most-visited man-made city of the country, the Machu Picchu.

The Skylodge has three high-class capsule suites that can accommodate eight people. The bedroom is suspended over a 1,000 feet above the valley floor. What's more exhilarating is that it is made of weather resistant polycarbonate transparent glass so you can see the beauty of nature. It is also come from hand crafted aerospace aluminum. This unique room has unconventional lighting system, a reading light and just four interior lamps. It has private bathroom with dry ecological toilet and sink. Imagine taking a bath while hanging on the mountain, isn't that amazing?

But here's the catch, before getting in the capsulated hotel room, you need to climb a 1,312 feet to the top of via ferrata. This means that a steel cable is present to help the guest in climbing the rocky mountain. Or if you're just tired and want to hurry and relax, you can hike a fearless trail through zipline. Either way, a vacation like this is surely one for the book. Skylodge is labeled as "the world's first hanging lodge."