What was once a land beside an estuary has become a vibrant venue for seaside leisure and sophisticated club scenes. Da Nang, a coastal city in central Vietnam, extends a wide array of activities to travelers. 

Are you ready to be Da Nang-struck?  Here is a list of things to do when visiting the third biggest city in Vietnam.

Uncover the magnificence of the Marble Mountains. At the south of Da Nang are five peaks which are home to Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries. Travellers treat this trek as a pilgrimage because of what is waiting at the summit and at the end of the trail.

A total of 150 steps from the foot of Thuy Son (the biggest mountain) awaits the prominent Vong Giang Tower where trekkers can get a vantage of the nearby mountains and coasts. At the top of this same peak, travellers can reach the Tam Thai Pagoda which is an ancient temple.

Bare your soul as you stroll along the shores of My Khe Beach. The outstanding My Khe Beach has been a household name among travellers. Its shore is lined with coconut trees, giving a relaxing feeling. Water activities such as banana boat ride, kayaking, jet skiing, could be arranged with a local tour operator.

Let your hair down as you listen to the beats at night lounges. Flagrant in the club scenes are the Sky36 Club and Brilliant Top Bar which gives way to an unstoppable night of partying, dancing, drinking and viewing of the Han River by the side. For those who prefer a mellow, yet, elegant bar experience, travellers may set off to the Writer's Bar to enjoy listening to piano music while drinking wines.

Expose your taste buds as you delight in Da Nang-style cuisine. Does barbecued octopus, turmeric noodles, black sticky rice cake and iced coffee sound enticing to you? Da Nang's delightful  cuisine could all be enjoyed at roadside bistros, local diners, fine-dining restaurants, beachfront cafes and street market. Vietnamese Online News says that Vietnamese restaurants have been regarded as the best by the Daily Meal, a US Food website.

Have you been to Da Nang? Share your recommendations below!