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Here are the 5 European Gothic Churches That Will Leave You in Awe

European Gothic churches impress with high spires, detailed designs, and historical significance, as shown in five outstanding examples like Notre Dame and Cologne Cathedral.


What Is The Coolest Tree In Europe? Comeptition Is Set To Find Out

Europe holds one of the most wonderful places in the world. And do you know what else they consider beautiful? Their trees. This year, Europe is set to find the coolest tree with its European Tree of the Year Award, and there are 16 contending countries vying for a spot in the limelight with their entries.


Meet The 5 Happiest Countries In The World

The World Happiness Report lists countries by their happiness levels. Ever since the survey started, the same 13 countries have made it to the top spot.


Travel Tips: The Best Places In Italy You Shouldn't Leave Out Of Your Itinerary

The cities of Italy eahc have their own wonders. Find out some of the best cities in Italy you should visit and discover.


What To Expect From Greece’s Tourism In 2017?

Greece has indeed faced a lot of problems this past year, with different crisis in Europe affecting the country in one way or the other. The refugee crisis is one of the major crisis which affected Greece especially in its tourism industry. Greeks forecast its effects on their tourism industry in the coming year 2017.


Underrated And Affordable European Countries You Should Visit Now

Here is the rundown of the underrated European nations that you should visit.


4 Cheap Countries in Europe You Need to Visit Now

It’s 2014 and what better way to start the first half of the year than traveling. Europe is one of the world’s top destinations, boasting of extremely diverse and unforgettable experiences that make for a truly privileged vacation.


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