It's 2014 and what better way to start the first half of the year than traveling. Europe is one of the world's top destinations, boasting of extremely diverse and unforgettable experiences that make for a truly privilege vacation.

While many may believe that European countries are some of the most expensive to be in, there are places that make for more affordable trips. Here are some of them.

1. Germany

Believe it or not, Berlin is far more affordable than being in London or Paris. In fact, travelers save up to 50% on just about everything in this German wonderland compared to the two other cities. Consider going to the public market for authentic and cheap food as well as buying far less expensive beer in the convenience store.

2. Iceland

Contrary to popular belief, North American travelers get a really good value for their money when they decide to visit possibly the most ethereal place on Earth. Moreover, Iceland makes for affordable flights as well, as it is very near New York, Washington and more. Also, hotels have decreased their rates, which is a big plus to any tourist.

3. Ireland

Ireland was hit by a mortgage crisis recently and because of this, the country decided to bank on its tourism to boost its economy. There are currently a lot of travel deals like airfare bargains, slashed off rates in hotels and other travel packages that are worth every penny.

4. Greece

Like Ireland, Greece has its own economic troubles, which is why the country is also fronting their beautiful architecture, historic sites and cultural tidbits to all travelers who want to come to the country without spending too much. There are already certain airport fees that have been waved, hotel deals springing each and every time as well as stupendously cheap street food that you can well get in a 5-star restaurant for such a good deal.

Consider checking travel promos each and every time and don't close the opportunity to visit off-peak season for the best possible rates in some of the most beautiful countries in Europe.