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JC Santos

HelloGbye App

'HelloGbye' App Has Partnered With American Express For Big Data Integration

"HelloGbye" AI-based travel app partners with American Express to deliver a better and unique experience for travelers planning their itinerary without all the technical fuss of drop-down menus and numerous tapping through "big data" analytics.


Bradbury Building

Film Locations: The Fascinating Real-World Locations Of 'Blade Runner'

"Blade Runner" became an immediate cult hit as it illustrated sentiments of the future and of artificial intelligence. In the real world, the locations it was shot appears as natural as the present - and still aesthetically pleasing.


Jurassic Park

Film Locations: Kauai Island, A Beautiful Backdrop for 'Jurassic Park'

Anyone who remembers the 90s classic "Jurassic Park" knows how beautiful the shooting locations and scenes were. Kauai Island served these backdrops -- exposing its natural beauty to the world -- and is still as lush as it has been in the decades-old film.


Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie Wedding

The Most Extravagant Celebrity Wedding Destinations

Extravagant weddings could only come from celebrities and business leaders. When price is no object for weddings, these five weddings in the world are extravagant enough to shine as they are expensive.


Airbuss A330

New Budget Airline Promises Long-Haul Flights Below $200

Competing against Norwegian Airlines, British Airways' parent airline International Air Group had launched LEVEL over the weekend offering flights from four North and South American airports directly into Barcelona for less than $200 exempting costs for seat assignments and other amenities.


Travel Cheap

How To Spend Only $500 Or Less Traveling To 15 Countries In The World

With a little bit of sacifice, proper pre-planning including itineraries and some perseverance, travelers could travel to more than ten countries spending only $500 or even less.


Los Angeles

Want To Dine With The Stars? Here Are Five Locations In LA That Celebrities Frequent

Los Angeles is the home of US entertainment as it is the home of Hollywood and broadway. After their schedules, Hollywood's biggest names frequent these five known celebrity hotspot locations in LA.


Game of Thrones

A Peek At Game Of Thrones Season 7 Filming Locations

Game of Thrones is coming and the second to the last season will feature some similar locations, along with some new ones, for this year.


Electric Aircraft

US Startup Plans To Use Electric Planes For Cheaper International Flights

Jet fuel is expensive, making even short-haul flights horrendously pricey. But Wright Electric's planes intend to use batteries and electricity to lighten the load in both aircrafts and the wallets of travelers.



Film Locations: The Backdrop For Wes Anderson's Republic of Zubrowka In The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Republic of Zubrowka is fictional in Wes Anderson's film "The Grand Budapest Hotel" but all its filiming locations are real -- and they do smell and look of the era in the film's timeline



Five Places Where Your Favorite Stars Spend Vacations

Hollywood stars can just take a plane anywhere for a rich vacation after a hard year of work filming -- or if they need to find some inspiration. Here are five locations that hollywood stars frequent in the world.



Five Of The World's Best Bird-Watching Destinations

Bird-watching could sound boring but once you get into it, there is no stopping. Bird-watching slows down time around travelers, allowing them to see the beautiful sights of their destination while looking for rare species of fauna in these five best bird-watching locales of the world.



How People Snack Around The World

The world still eats after lunch and before dinner. Sometimes, these are cheese rolls. They could also be boiled soybeans or a hefty serving of pita bread and hummus. One thing's for sure -- the world snacks differently during the afternoon.


Eating With Hands - Kamayan

The Art Of Kamayan Dining In The Philippines

"Kamayan" is the art of eating with one's hands. In the Philippines, almost every Filipino family practices this tasty and somewhat intimate way to eat food with one's family and friends.


Norway Fjords

Five Reasons Norway Is 2016's Happiest Country

Norway is an amazing country because its people are happier than the rest of the world. The 2017 World Happiness Index used socio-economic factors to determine the world's most to least happiest countries in the last few years.


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