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JC Santos

Hi Tech Hotels

New Hotel And Airline Loyalty Rewards To Enrich Travel Experience Through Digital Innovation

The usual "free room/flight for N number of stays/flights" would not cut it even for the best brands of hotels and airlines. New technologies disrupt travel distribution -- and these same technologies can help the losing brands win back their customers.


African Safari on a 4x4

Top 5 Prime Destinations For Luxury Safaris

Luxury safaris are expensive but travelers who only need a one-time experience of nature can invest everything in a single journey. Make the most out of safaris by traveling to these five prime spots!


Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

Space Tourism Still Out Of Reach Beyond 2020

Humanity's dreams of space vacations would not even materialize post 2020. A concentration on rocket technology and lackluster technological development for other affordable energy sources spell the biggest problems for space tourism's practicality and eventual affordability.


Beach Trash

Five Places Showing The Adverse Effects Of Tourism

It is correct to enjoy a weekend off somewhere to observe safaris, enjoy beaches or even climb mountains. It is incorrect to deny the effects of these visits coupled with unethical attitudes that cause irreparable damage in tour destinations worldwide.


House Sitting

House Sitting: A Viable Way To Travel The World Free?

Imagine someone calling from overseas asking to have their pet cat or dog have company over a holiday weekend away from their 200 acre mansion with free flights and accomodations. For house sitters, this is reality.


Luxury Hotel Stays

Five Ways To Avoid Going Over Budget When Staying In Luxury Hotels

Travelers can find it is easy to be blinded by the glamour or friendly guest staff of a 5-star hotel during a vacation -- making it easier for them to relieve you of your well-planned vacation budgets. Here are the five most common expense-inflators in luxury hotel stays and how to avoid them.



Being A Pilot The Most Stressful Career This Year

Many children wish to be a pilot to see the world, travel new places and earn top-grade compensation -- a dream come true -- until the adults tell them of the psychological terrors and realities pilots have to face steering a multi-million dollar aerial vessel onboarding hundreds of passengers.



The Best Places To Get Tsukemen In Tokyo

Tsukemen is like ramen without the noodles and everything else saturated in amazing creamy broth -- using the soup as a dip for noodles and other dishes makes one appreciate each taste individually or differently. In Tokyo are five amazing tsukemen restaurants. Beware the long lines.


Beldevere, Austria

How Vienna’s Homeless Make City Tours Amazing

People who have been hit hard by life are the ones who most understand it. The rich capital of Vienna has another side and four homeless tour guides from a strange tour company are willing to show outsiders the other side of the glamorous Austrian city.


Imam Hussein Shrine, Gujarat

Religious Tourism Becoming India’s Prime Development Target

India's local governments are boosting awareness of faith through shrine and structural repairs and development to improve tourism revenues in different locations. Trips can vary from $90 to $200 in soon-to-be-developed railways and tourism destinations.


Ski Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Five Of The World's Best Indoor Ski Domes

Indoor skiing involves artificial snow or dry air slopes that emulate the feeling of snow when going downhill. There are only 12 ski domes worldwide and these five are worth visiting in terms of price, family fun and maximizing the entire experience.


Vietnam View Towards Airport

Vietnam Tourism Uses Newly-Launched Website To Inspire Foreign Travelers

Vietnam's static tourist-oriented website is now replaced by an improved version that viewers say appears like a traditional tourism promotional website and a glossy travel magazine as part of its efforts to drive tourism revenue to $35 billion by 2020.


Travel Apps

Five Best Mobile Apps For Travel This 2017

Is the journey to and the wait inside the airport worth the trip? Find out through an app that provides an "agony index." Need a place to stay or eat inside the airport? New travel apps in 2017 cater to even the most specific of requests during trips.


Tsukiji Market Ramen

When In Tokyo, Do Not Miss These Five Best Ramen Restaurants For 2017

Ramen is Tokyo's ultimate dinner and comfort food.Travelers can expect locally-made ramen to taste excellent -- but some surpass others in terms of flavor and richness such as these five only found in Tokyo


Y-Shaped House Taiwan

Would You Stay In This Y-Shaped House That Has A Swimming Pool On Top?

Designed as a retreat for Taiwan's city workers, the Y-Shaped House of Dutch architects in MVDRV features amazing views of the oceanside through clevelry-designed Swiss-cheese hole windows and an amazing rooftop swimming pool at the convex of the futuristic house.


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