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JC Santos

US President Trump returns to Washington after weekend in Florida

What You Need To Know About Trump's Revised Travel Ban

US President Donald Trump's executive order to ban seven Muslim-majority nations travel could see a revision submitted this week. According to observers, the new revision could exclude Green Card holders coming from the Muslim countries, but would still include the seven countries.



The Five Best Hot Springs In Colorado

Colorado's cold temperature is amazingly complemented with the Colorado Hot Springs route that allows travelers and locals to refresh from a cold day's worth of activities and work. These five are deemed the best having the hottest springs, less crowds and best amenities.



Starbucks Must Get Its Coffee 'Right' Before Opening Italian Branches

Opening a Starbucks in Italy means the American coffee brand is confident it is on par with local handmade connoisseur coffee from specialty Italian coffee businesses. The company's 300 new Italian branches would need to get its coffee right -- else face the ire of Italian coffee businesses.


Mount Everest Climb

Everest Base Camp For Beginners: Five Things You Need To Know

Planning to overcome Mount Everest and claim a personal success? Take note of these five crucial things beginners need to know before heading to Nepal and journeying to the epic mountain that is the highest in the world!


Top Cities For Music

The Best US Destinations For Music Lovers

Music lovers need not to travel abroad for some amazing ear candy. In the United States -- the origin of plenty of modern contemporary music -- are five cities where music genres originated and industries continued to prosper.


Egyptian Tourism

Egyptian Tourism Showing Signs Of Recovery During 2017 First Quarter

Egyptian tourism is set to improve this 2016 with international travel agencies noting an increased number of travelers booking trips from Octobr 2016 up to January 2017, giving the country a much-needed tourism economy boost to meet its goals for this year.


Portable TVs

Want To Watch TV Anywhere? These Five Most Portable TVs Are All You Need

TVs might have gone out in style but they still offer a different type of entertainment than digital television and Internet-based programming. These five are all you need -- indoors or outdoors.


Most Popular Tourism Destinations - Marrakech

The World's Most Popular Tourism Destinations As Per Web Statistics

Travelers booking trips online have spoken through Kayak and TripAdvisor that these five destinations guarantee value for money and value for all the struggles to travel and mingle with crowds.


Urban Hiking

Five Urban Hiking Trails Hidden In The US And Europe You Should Try

Hiking trails up in the mountains and wilderness too far? City parks and even the cities themselves can serve as hiking trails that span for miles you can do it after work!



Five Great Destinations For People Who Love Cheese

Cheese lovers pay attention -- plan your next trip in these five great cheese destinations!


Wine Tasting

Five Wine Festivals Worth Seeing This 2017

Wine is a celebratory drink and to drink in wine-tasting festivals coupled with food and great company makes the wine taste better than it should. All around the world are five ways the world expresses its love for the ancient inebriator and social lubricant.



Huge Iceland Tourism Improvement Increases Country's Whaling Quota

Whale meat hunting increases in Iceland over improving tourism industries. Promoted as a cultural dining experience, Iceland's anti-whaling organizations surface to warn tourists of the increasing whale hunts from the country's sole whale hunting company.


Staycations -- Two Day Weekend Getaways

Maximizing Your Two-Day Weekend Vacation In Five Ways

Two days are not enough to experience what full recharge truly is. But putting in principle the different ideas of travel and deviation from routines can make two days an excellent way to recharge.



Five Great Venues In New York And London Where Soup Is To Die For

Amazing soup is a great hearty cure for an empty stomach, a hangover or the cold winter season. These five venues guarantee only the best soup experience there is in New York and London.


First Time Daring Travel

Five Great Destinations For First Time Travelers This 2017

First time international travels are magical, wonderous and a true great break from everything routine. But traveling worldwide could be a struggle and the first makes or breaks the habit -- these five destinations ensure first time travelers become inspired to travel more.


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