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American Travel Restrictions Negatively Affect Cuban Tourism

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: May 05, 2017 05:02 PM EDT

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America's renewed travel restrictions to Cuba has immediately reduced the fascination of US tourists about Cuba and its communist government. As ties between former US President Barack Obama and Cuba's leadership ended with the new American government, the restrictions reintroduced against Cuba had once again disinterested Americans from heading into the country.

According to Chron, Allianz Global Assistance USA's survey unveiled that only about two percent of US tourists plan to head to Cuba in the next six months. Two percent believe they could go through with their vacation in 2017 and 10 percent believe it is possible to head to Cuba in 2018.

Allianz had 1,500 respondents in its research. In comparison to previous data, Cuban travel is likely to drop this year. Allianz said it was likely due to the lack of stories and sharing of experiences by visitors. The feedback information is unlikely to persuade new US tourists into Cuba given the difficulties of travel restrictions would once again dominate outlets for those who traveled.

Allianz noted that Americans were worried about their safety and security, given Cuba's communist government. Many also noted the added travel restrictions set in place that would make traveling to the country a huge hassle. Some cited that the lack of mobile and internet infrastructure, as well as the lack of information on travel experiences and personalized guides, also disengaged them from trying to visit the country.

News18 said tourists love Cuba because of its lush island resorts and beaches comparable to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Cuban travel's main draw is cultural attractions. Different cruise lines from the US could continue to engage the interest by creating more itineraries for Cuba.

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