Airbnb launched its "experiences" earlier this April, which enables many travelers worldwide to buy personalized tours and activities by registered Airbnb service providers as an add-on or stand-alone feature once they book a property. The feature focuses on introducing a personalized and rooted level of tourism itinerary with a unique characteristic that makes vacations more memorable, and these five take the cake.

Take something mainstream for a start. A hang glider flown 2,000 feet above the air could cost a fortune and enthusiasts would have to wait in line and pay exorbitant fees. A personalized experience from Dusty and Kathy, who provides this service in the San Bernardino National Forest, enthusiasts could cut down on costs and fly a hang glider. According to one reviewer, cited by Forbes, it was "one of the most unique ways to see LA."

Being a craft brewer is also another amazing way to spend a vacation through Airbnb's Experience feature. In Los Angeles, Smog City Brewing offers the coolest experience yet, to become a brewer for a single day. Brewing is an amazing way to gain business knowledge while experiencing something unique, rewarding and amazingly refreshing.

One amazing and possibly unforgettable Airbnb experience, which might not be streamlined and the experience is possibly offered only on occasion, is the "After Hemingway" experience. Writing at length for Cuba Journal, Mary Anne Bargen said of a three-day experience of bookstores and places that the legendary prose master Ernest Hemingway visited in his time in Cuba, including his own home.

Wolf hiking in the Angeles National Forest for one night is an experience worth taking. Wolves rescued and trained by rangers would travel alongside Airbnb travelers who wish to experience a night of hiking, nature, stories, campfire and even smores.

In Venice Beach, the Venice Beach's Center for Audio & Visual Expression or CAVE would have Airbnb experience travelers contribute to blank walls of art with the artists themselves. But this is not before they consume tacos and beer, the food of choice for any struggling and passionate artist.