The West Tripura government confirmed it has acquired more land to lay the foundations of the India-Bangladesh railway network and it estimates the land acquisition process to end by the next few months before development can begin. The Indo-Bangla railway would have a total of 15 kilometers stretching from the two countries, specifically from Agartala in India to Gangasagar in Bangladesh.

According to The Economic Times India, land acquisition processes for the Agartala-Gangasagar or Indo-Bangla railway link continues in the next two and a half months. The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) Deputy Chief Engineer BN Bhaskar confirmed the West Tripura District Administration would work with the Northeast Frontier Railway to find "required land" where the "NFR will undertake construction of the elevated rail tracks" and has used Rs 97 Crore ($15m) to acquire more land for the railway project.

According to The Assam Tribune, the elevated corridor rails for the Indo-Bangla line would be in select areas that are heavily populated and it would effectively reduce the railway development's expenses. Development may begin immediately after the land acquisition procedures according to Bhaskar. The entire railway project, including the millions spent for land acquisition, is estimated to reach Rs 968 crore ($150m) in total upon its completion

For foreign and local travelers, India's railway network had facilitated journeying despite the heavy passenger load the trains carry from one station to the other. The alternative is congested roads or lengthy road trips, which might not be appealing especially to short-term travelers heading to different destinations.

Aside from the Indo-Bangla railway project, India is about to develop Hyderabad's Hyperloop railway, a tube line that uses Maglev rails to transport people through magnetic pods in bullet train speeds. According to Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the $40 million project could help reduce travel time across India for less than two hours from one point to the other should it function ideally.