One troubling traffic day in LA was enough to enrage Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. However, it brought him amazing ideas to resolve the world's growing traffic problem, one of which was to create Boring Company that will dril holes and tunnel to alleviate traffic. It seems Elon Musk was serious about his ideas from the previous year, and investors are truly interested.

Last year, Tesla CEO tried to illustrate in words the Boring Company's function and its plans to resolve traffic via a tweet. According to New Atlas, the Boring Company came from Musk sputtering in disbelief that he would "create a tunnel boring machine" and "just start digging."

The tunnel passageway idea sounds like a utopian dream and Musk's idea for the new drilling company took it to the next step through a video of its functions and the news of a huge boring machine being delivered at SpaceX's headquarters.

The video showed that Musk's plan for the Boring Company went beyond tunnel drilling, but also included the development of advanced passageways with multiple traffic lanes as well as mobile platforms lifting cars to all lanes.

According to Electrek, Musk recognizes that his tunnel-making company only provides a solution for one thing. He said in a TED talk that the Boring Company might sound a bit too idealistic, but it intends to reduce the cost of creating tunnels while improving speed. Musk noted that tunnels could lessen travel time. For example, Westwood to LAX will only take five to six minutes, saving precious time. 

Investors found Musk's two other companies, Tesla and SpaceX, to be profitable and consider them as "frontier" investments. Tesla has focused on making new electric car research and design available to propel the growth of advanced car technologies despite increased competition while SpaceX continues research into alternative and cost-effective ways to travel into space -- the final frontier for casual travel.

Musk's venture into road development via the Boring Company introduces an innovation parallel to the achievements of both SpaeX and Tesla. The Boring Company is again one step ahead of the competition if it pans out its functions effectively.